TACA International flight 110

Not to take anything away from Captain Sullenberger, but this may just be a more impressive feat of airmanship. TACA Flight 110 was a regularly scheduled flight between Belize and and New Orleans. On May 24, 1988 they encountered severe weather coming in to New Orleans. While accidentally flying through the worst of the precipitation they lost power to both engines and were not able to get either engine restarted. They were aiming to ditch in a canal, but at very low altitude were able to see that the levee was large enough for them to land on. They side slipped the 737 over the levee and performed a controlled landing. The engines were replaced in situ, then the aircraft was towed to NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility. It was fueled up with minimal fuel and Boeing test pilots took off from Saturn Boulevard and flew it to Moisant Field for further repairs.

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