A new jetpack unlike any other before has made its grand public debut during a tour down the Hudson River and past the Statue of Liberty. This is not your grandfather’s jet pack.

Unlike JetMan Rossi who flies under a tiny wing and cannot attain vertical flight, or like rocket belts of old that rely on a simple catalyst of hydrogen peroxide forced through small jet nozzles. Though mechanically simple flight time is limited to around 30 seconds compared the the 10+ minutes of the JB-9. This pack, which is in its 9th iteration and years of development is powered by a pair of honest-to-god turbojet engines.


This is no simple task.

Complicated cooling, fuel flow, and electrical systems are required to operate the two tiny jet engines. While a bypass turbofan would be ideal for this application, providing better fuel consumption and lower exhaust temperatures while providing sufficient thrust, its bulk would not be acceptable for JetPack Aviation whose intent is to create the lightest and smallest jetpack possible.

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Fortunately they have a crack team of engineers including Nelson Tyler who has more than 50 years experience in vertical lift flight and was the first civilian to ever fly a rocket belt back in 1969. He even wowed the crowds gathered during the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, CA.


Over 25 years has been invested in the development of this pack and it looks like there’s even more in store as they develop new technology like auto stabilization systems and low opening parachute fail safe. Feel free to check out my original article if you like reading more about jetpacks.

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