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Drone Gets First Hand Look At Mexico City International Airport

With full cooperation of the airport authority, control tower and communication with the pilots, this drone video gets an unprecedented perspective of air and ground operations at a large international airport.


In the U.S. drone activities within 5 miles of an airport require prior arrangements with the airport operator and control tower and it appears those steps have been made to create this unique film at this Mexican airport. The U.S. also requires that remote control aircraft including drones used for aerial photography do not interfere with and give way to manned aircraft. Again it seem that a higher level of professionalism was conducted to coordinate with both the air traffic control tower and pilots of transient aircraft to create a very dynamic picture of the intimate workings that get aircraft in and out of airports.

According to the translated video description the video was requested to be made by the SENEAM staff in honor of their anniversary. SENEAM is the organization in charge of providing air navigation services for Mexico and was created as a government agency in 1978. These services include Air Traffic Control, weather information, and arrival and departure procedure designs.


I'm glad that SENEAM decided to honor their anniversary in style because I thoroughly enjoyed this intriguing look that even pilots don't get to see.

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