Delta Airlines managed to pack a massive Airbus A330, a Porsche Cayenne SUV, a Porsche 911, and a helicopter all on the same runway for a marketing opportunity like none other.

Delta claims that power, performance and precision have all come together in their new #DeltaTakeoff marketing campaign.


The power and speed of the open-top Porsche make a great video platform to match the takeoff performance of the big airliner. What appears to be a remotely controlled stabilized camera system is able to capture the airplane as it lifts off the runway buzzing over the car by mere feet.

The camera looks much like the same gyroscopically stabilized camera used on the overhead helicopter but instead flipped upside-down. Rather than hanging from the nose of the aircraft this camera is mounted on a highly complicated rig in the back of the convertible. The chasing Cayenne is able to remotely operate the camera to get the perfect shot.

While the actual takeoff is fairly ordinary, the resulting perspective preserved on video is unlike any other.

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